The Most Complete F&I Platform

Ri-gnr8 is a complete performance management platform that understands your F&I business. Its world class F&I ecosystem (the grandchild of Finance Accelerator) has been developed by people with substantial dealership experience, not just in F&I but in Dealership Sales and Management, to guarantee it delivers in performance, efficiency, progress and compliance at every level.

Increase your penetration

Every customer – every transaction – every day moves through the F&I office. Increasing penetration means maximising each and every one of these opportunities and that requires a high level of skill and efficiency. Ri-gnr8 helps with efficiency by reducing paperwork, reducing keystrokes and streamlining the process flow so the F&I consultant spends the bulk of their time actually talking to and sharing with the customer. 

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Reduce Compliance Risk

The F&I office is a complex place. Lots of paperwork and process all controlled by multiple laws and regulations. Ri-gnr8’s sales tool leads the F&I person through a streamlined process that limits the ability to make an error or misquote a customer. Compliance can be addressed with our Sales Audit log where all activity is recorded in real time for future training and coaching. Also the collection and storage of paperwork in our Document
Vault solves another compliance issue.

Increase your penetration

Manage Your F&I

All dealerships want more from their F&I results but to get this you firstly need to know what you are getting now and how is it made up. Ri-gnr8’s advanced analytics and long pedigree in F&I reporting is leading the way in real time reporting that can be accessed from tablets and smart devices anywhere in the world. Our Leader boards, comparison tools and commission reconciliation tools are only part of our world class analytical suite.

Contribute to Legal Compliance

Australia’s Most Complete F&I Platform

The sales tool unifies the look and feel of your F&I quote. Plus, it increases the speed & reduces the systems required.

  • Can be used at point of sale (POS) or for delivery selling
  • Connections to selected Financiers and Insurers
  • DMS integration reduces double handling
  • SMS or email quotes, applications and documents