Today’s customer wants a streamlined F&I process where they can have the option to deal with you digitally, in-person or a bit of both. Ri-gnr8 removes digital barriers and connects the dots so the F&I sales process is streamlined, compliant and efficient.

It is a cloud-based F&I workflow and compliance management platform which connects the systems that F&I staff use every day such as the dealer management system, finance and insurance applications and a sales log in a digital environment.

Digitally connecting the dots with a complete F&I ecosystem

For Financiers

Ri-gnr8 provides powerful tools to automate the point-of-sale process. By embedding easy to use, scalable and operational agility, we help our clients streamline services and improve the customer experience – all while keeping compliance and the end user top of mind.

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For Dealers

Ri-gnr8 provides a streamlined pathway for your F&I team to digitally assist your customers. It’s simple to use and flexible so you can create your own processes, control your compliance, and build a strong F&I culture.

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Improvement in lead
generation & GFV maintenance


Multiple global and local security
assessments passed

Ri-gnr8 In Action

Multi-region dealer group needed a national F&I POS tool

A large multi-state dealer group was working from spreadsheets to manage their F&I business. Several hours a month were required to merge data and accuracy was limited. Accountability was difficult at locations with more than 1 F&I due to a shared spreadsheet. Reports were only compiled monthly, and commission reconciliation took days.

Ri-gnr8 was connected to their DMS and deployed to all locations.
All F&I staf, General Managers, Dealer Principals, Regional Managers and National Managers had live access to sales and reporting data.

Monthly commission reconciliation was mostly automated and reduced management time to less than 1 hour.

After the first 3 months, financer integration was added to further streamline the process.

Lead creation for a global financier’s dealer network

A global financier required a lead creation and management platform for a specific country within its global its network. It included the management of GFV programs, end of contract, parity, equity, document creation and signing along with a full dealership and national OEM reporting and access. It also had to be bilingual and multi-branded.

Ri-gnr8 RENEW was customised to suit the financiers’ requirements including multiple languages, multiple brands, full hierarchy, custom fields and custom data connections.

GFV management is now automated with all customer intentions and documents for settlement prefilled and downloaded at the dealer.

The live integrated system has also meant that the customer details are kept up to date and Ri-gnr8 is creating valuable leads for their 600 dealers daily.

Live dealership sales data for an international financier

An auto financer wanted to assist its dealers in improving their finance penetration and NAF but had no way of recording all sales in their credit portal. The Account Management team would rely on the dealers providing simple numbers at the end of each month and try to build training based on assumptions.

Ri-gnr8 was customised to suit the financier’s exacting needs and then deployed to their dealer network. The dealer network stopped using their own F&I logs in favour of recording all sales in Ri-gnr8.

The financier encouraged connecting to the DMS to further improve accountability and reduce keystrokes. Lastly, they are building an API to Ri-gnr8 to allow their dealers faster processing of applications.

Modular Product

Ri-gnr8 includes a series of optional modules that can stand alone and still deliver
the same compliant, connected experience


Designed specifically for the needs of less complex dealers, Ri-gnr8 Lite is the perfect solution for small to medium dealers to assist in managing their F&I office.

It gives the F&I person more time to build rapport with the customer by spending less time shuffling paperwork, building reports and copying customer information.


Ri-gnr8 removes some of the complexity by connecting the systems that F&I use every day, like the DMS, and finance and insurance applications to streamline processes and increase efficiencies in the F&I department.


Ri-gnr8 Renew scientifically assesses your existing F&I customer data every night and identifies the best customers to sell to now. New opportunities are delivered to your team daily - providing an ongoing pipeline of loyal customers to reconnect with.


If your needs are larger and more complex, we can design a bespoke version of our platform to work with your strategy.

Alternatively, you might be looking for middleware components that can plug into your existing ecosystem to add value.