Set up fee FROM $249* $4,999*
Price(per month) FROM $50/USER FROM $1,250/10 USERS


Mobile Version
Controlled Hierarchical Access YES and customisable
Highly Secure
Multi-lingual - YES and customisable
Modular Design YES and customisable
Defined User Network YES and customisable
White Labelled Option YES and customisable
Cloud Based
SSO - - YES and customisable
Finance and Insurance Reporting
DMS Integration Multiple available Multiple available Multiple available
Multiple Supplier Reporting
Advanced KPI Reporting -
Consumer Loan Rate Drill Down -
Custom Reporting
Sales Log
Sales Leader Board -
eCommission Reconciliation -
Cloud Based Document Storage - Unlimited Unlimited
Income Disbursement - YES and custormisable
Annual Sales Reporting -
Sales Dashboards -
Group Sales Award Program - Unlimited Unlimited
Professional Award Program - Unlimited Unlimited
Customer Follow Up -
Commission Tools -
Field Force KPI Dashboard - -
Dealer Profile - -
Contact Visit Reports - -
Field Force Activity Planner - -
Audit Tool - - Optional
Network Health - -
HR Tools - -
Dynamic Benchmarking - -
Time and Date Stamping
Suits a Flexible Working Environment
Online Finance Application -
Touchless F&I Process -
DMS Integration - Multiple available Multiple available
Financier Integration - Multiple available Multiple available
Insurer Integration - YES and customisable
Website Lead Integration - YES and customisable
Multi-lingual Sales Aids - YES and customisable
For POS or Delivery Selling -
Virtual Filing Cabinet - Unlimited Unlimited
By-the-second Keystroke Recording -
SMS Capability - Unlimited Unlimited
Sign on Glass -
Customisable Pack and Products -
Sale Status Selector - YES and customisable
Multi Media Sales Aids -
QR Code -
Document Storage -
eContracts and eForms -
KPI Comparsion Reporting -
Pack and Product Sales Analytics - YES and customisable
Prepopulating Pricing -
Daily Sales Comparison Charts -
Consultant Versus Income Analysis -
Product Commission Report -
Extensive Follow Up Process -
Custom KPI Reporting - YES and customisable
Consultant Leader Board - Unlimited Unlimited
Salesperson KPI Report -
Car Care Analytics - YES and customisable
Car Care Reporting - YES and customisable
DMS Integration - Multiple available Multiple available
Sales Campaign Manager -
Simplified Sales Process - YES and customisable
GFV Process Manager -
Data Record Merging - YES and customisable
Deal Generator -
Equity Mining -
Multi-campaign Ability -
Lead Generation -
Finance Contract Data Mining -
Multi-view Calendar -
Data Sync Function - YES and customisable
Upcoming and Completed Tasks -
Lead Buckets - YES and customisable
Full Network Analytics - - YES and customisable
Controlled Export Function - YES and customisable
Model Analytics - - YES and customisable
Campaign Management Reporting - YES and customisable
Document Storage - Unlimited Unlimited
Campaign Creation - Unlimited Unlimited
Sales Buckets -
Data Mining -


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