For Dealers

Ri-gnr8 provides a streamlined pathway for your F&I team to digitally assist your customers. It’s simple to use and flexible so you can create your own processes, control your compliance, and build a strong F&I culture.

It removes the sales barriers by connecting the dots in the sale process. From the DMS, to finance application and insurance policies. Professional branded SMS quotes, electronic applications and QR codes are only some of the everyday tools that your F&I team need to thrive in our new digital world.




Transforms the performance of your F&I team by freeing them from time wasting admin and re-typing of information so they can spend more quality time selling to the customer.

Specialised live management reporting, available on any smart device provides consistent reporting in an easy-to-read format configured to suit user access and role.

Ri-gnr8 has revolutionised monthly reconciliation. A complete commission ledger, with positive and negative income adjustments for both finance and insurance by transaction. Previously what was a laborious task taking days can now be done in minutes.

Remember your data is your key to the future. Ri-gnr8 stores your data and improves your processes. How and when you choose to mine your sales data is easy with the purpose-built loyalty and retention module.

Getting you staff up to speed with maximum efficiency is our priority. Fully supported by our dedicated account manager, ongoing Helpdesk, and online Support team.

Modular Product

Ri-gnr8’s flexible, module-based approach offers all the benefits of a packaged solution with the
comfort of a bespoke fit, configurable to each customer’s unique business process and rules.


Designed specifically for the needs of less complex dealers, Ri-gnr8 Lite is the perfect solution for small to medium dealers to assist in managing their F&I office.

It gives the F&I person more time to build rapport with the customer by spending less time shuffling paperwork, building reports and copying customer information.


Ri-gnr8 removes some of the complexity by connecting the systems that F&I use every day, like the DMS, and finance and insurance applications to streamline processes and increase efficiencies in the F&I department.


Ri-gnr8 Renew scientifically assesses your existing F&I customer data every night and identifies the best customers to sell to now. New opportunities are delivered to your team daily - providing an ongoing pipeline of loyal customers to reconnect with.


If your needs are larger and more complex, we can design a bespoke version of our platform to work with your strategy.

Alternatively, you might be looking for middleware components that can plug into your existing ecosystem to add value.