Ri-focus increases field team productivity and improves communication, engagement and collaboration with the dealer network.

It consolidates all your disconnected data sources into a single platform and provides the tools, reports, analysis and comparisons of your total network for your field team to drive performance and get the results you need.

It is now used by more than 15 OEMs throughout Australia, NZ, China and multiple South East Asian countries.


For The Field Team

  • All the data in one place; no need to create
    multiple reports & spreadsheets

  • Reports are on-call with up-to-date information

  • All dealer information in one place

  • Contact Visit Reports in an easy and flexible
    format to review dealer performance and drive
    overall results

For The Brand

  • Business costs are reduced, and staff
    productivity improved

  • Single platform for all interactions

  • Provides total transparency of all field force
    and dealer interactions

  • Allows your staff to focus on driving results –
    not creating reports

  • Documented historical data of all interactions in
    one place for accountability

For The Dealer

  • All interactions and tasks in a single platform

  • Streamlines all dealer/brand correspondence

Core Features

KPI Dashboard

Core charts – total sales,
sales by model, wholesales,
stock, CX, P&A. Additional
charts can be customised.

Dealer Profile

Each dealer has an individual
profile so all data for each
dealer is in one place.

Contact Visit Reports

Contact Visit Reports

Easy and flexible contact visit
reports to review
performance, allocate tasks
and track.

Activity Planner

Activity Planner

All planned activity with
dealers can be linked to
Outlook or other calendar

Optional Modules

Ri-focus has a flexible series of optional modules to help clients make the
solution work for their business needs.


Ri-focus Audit is a fast, easy and on-demand
solution making it more efficient for companies
and brands to carry out this important activity. It is
cloud-based and provides users with a level of
speed, control and analytics that cannot be
achieved using old-fashioned spreadsheets.

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PMA Mapping

PMA Mapping shows the brand’s market PMA’s
overlaid on the Australian continent. Ri-focus PMA
Mapping is easy to setup and commence
using with the OEM uploading their PMA structure
by Postcode and sales and share data.

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Business & Marketing Plans

Ri-focus has a templated dealer business plan
that can be configured to suit a client’s specific

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Dealer Reporting & Performance Groups

This module can be configured to meet the exact
needs of the client for input data, KPI output and
benchmarking to provide financial and operation
performance of a single dealer aggregated up to
regional and national performance of the total

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Ri-focus Cashflow quickly clarifies a dealer’s
current position and lets you make plans based
on a number of scenarios.

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