PMA Mapping shows the brand’s market PMAs overlaid on the Australian continent. The PMAs are shown with higher volume or share dictating the colour intensity.

Drill down to postcode to quickly identify the key areas of opportunity or concern. Provides dealers with a visual representation of their PMA.

Dealers can use the data to tailor marketing plans to target the right models to the right areas of their PMA.


Easy to setup and commence
using with the OEM uploading
their PMA structure by postcode
and sales and share data

The map can be viewed by
PMA with drilldown to postcode

Filter can change the view
from sales, to share, to
segment to model

The data is both visualised on
the map as well as shown in
table form to see the data
behind the map

In Action

A client implemented the PMA Mapping tool to improve the quality of discussions with their dealers on opportunities in their PMA and improve the effectiveness of their marketing.

Both the OEM and Dealers are finding the PMA Mapping tool to be very easy to use and takes away the confusion of what models to market to what parts of the PMA.