The ULTIMATE management solution for running auto dealer sales operations

Whatever your sales department is doing now, Ri-gnr8 One can improve it!


Only Ri-gnr8 One provides wholly-integrated solution to managing auto dealer sales and F&I teams, improving productivity and raising performance

Unlock the Power of Business Intelligence with Ri-gnr8 One

Ri-gnr8 One transforms your dealership’s operations by combining powerful BI tools with workflow automation. Get real-time insights, streamline sales processes, and boost customer satisfaction. With user-friendly dashboards, predictive analytics, and automated tasks, you can focus on what matters most—selling cars and growing your business. Ready to revolutionize your dealership? Discover the difference Ri-gnr8 One can make today

Transform Your Dealership with Powerful BI Tools: Optimize Vehicle Sales and F&I Operations with Data-Driven Insights

Ri-gnr8 One is a secure web-based platform that enables auto dealer sales teams to achieve more with our unique methodology. 


One Team Platform

All key staff who utilize sales transaction data now work from the ONE system

Live DMS Integration

Streamline Operations with Automated Workflow Tools:

Reduce Administrative Time and Focus on Selling More Vehicles, freeing up managers and staff to focus on the more important issues


Hybrid F&I Sales

Integrate sales and F&I more effectively with powerful selling. 


Create F&I quotes, compare financiers, track applications and manage GFV sales – all from the ONE place. 


Performance Management

User-Friendly Dashboards:

Get Real-Time Insights into Sales Performance, Inventory Levels, and Customer Preferences for Smarter Decision.

Making Coach staff with performance recaps. Your sales meetings never looked this good!


Deep Data Vault

Ri-gnr8 One is vastly superior to spreadsheets giving dealers and managers access deep multi-dimensional data like you’ve never had before. 


Enhance Customer Experience with Personalized Recommendations:

Leverage Predictive Analytics to Stay Ahead of Market Trends



Why your dealership is holding back your Sales Managers

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Using a lot of spreadsheets to manage sales, F&I, deals and deliveries?

Then you need Ri-gnr8 One

What would be the benefits if you choose


Have less admin and more time to help sell and coach staff using smart tools

Sales Team

Sales & F&I will be more integrated 100% referral had less customer friction including renewals


Will have deep data with powerful tools to gain insight into roadblocks & cost reductions


Will have less admin work, allowing them to handle more customers, more often


Will see data and detail in real-time so their workload is reduced

To be the best at anything, you need the right tools. 

Ri-gnr8 One is the technology of choice for high performance sales operations. 

Your team will he so happy once  you;ve made the change,

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