Management Solutions for Running Auto Dealer Sales Operations

Only Ri-gnr8 One provides wholly-integrated solution to managing auto dealer sales and F&I teams, improving productivity and raising performance

Live DMS Integration

Master Sales Log incl F&I

Customer History

Document Storage

Staff and Customer Communication

Bring Vehicle Sales, F&I and Car Care together in one system

Ri-gnr8 One enables auto dealer sales teams to achieve more with one central
platform that helps the dealership achieve more

Ri-gnr8 One solves the common dealer challenge

Whatever your sales department is doing now, Ri-gnr8 One can improve it!

Reduces paperwork and admin

Ri-gnr8 One liberates managers from the burdensome paperwork and administrative tasks that consume valuable time and energy.

Our platform automates many of these processes, eliminating manual paperwork and spreadsheets. Your managers can devote more time to engaging with customers, and coaching staff.

This increased efficiency translates into improved productivity and reduces operational costs

Improve Team Collaboration between Sales, F&I and Aftercare

Ri-gnr8 One fosters seamless collaboration among your sales team, driving better  coordination and enhanced performance. 

Our platform provides a centralized hub where sales teams can access real-time  information. Ri-gnr8 One facilitates communication and collaboration between team members, ensuring that everyone is aligned and working towards shared sales targets. 

The result is a more motivated and cohesive sales team, leading to higher conversion  rates and revenue growth

Improve Sales Operations Insight

Ri-gnr8 One equips automotive dealers with powerful tools to gain deeper operational insights and make data-driven decisions. 

These insights help you identify operational roadblocks, optimize processes, and reduce costs. 

With Ri-gnr8 One, you can track key performance indicators, monitor dealership performance in real-time, and leverage predictive analytics to proactively address challenges.

By making informed decisions, you can maximize profitability and stay ahead.


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