Ri-gnr8 is a sales solution that optimises the vehicle sales pipeline, using predictive technology to identify the right time to sell to the right customer, with the right product.

Technical Summary

Ri-gnr8 is a sales solution that optimizes the vehicle sales pipeline, using predictive technology to identify the right time to sell to the right While most businesses use CRM solutions to maintain contact with their customers, Renewal Centre goes beyond CRM and integrates five separate technologies into one system to optimse sales.

With a fully-automated and intelligent data mining system, Ri-gnr8 produces strategic sales knowledge to optimise the future sales without any human intervention

It automatically captures data from your business through seamless integration with business ERP systems other external data sources.

It has a unique “Auto Patch” and “Auto Clean” capability, improving the data sample guarantee the most relevant and accurate results, no matter whether you have a high quality data source.

With intelligent vehicle model identify engine allows renewal centre to identify correct valuation model even if VIN number is not available.

Ri-gnr8 constantly monitors, re-calculates, scans every record to guarantee a dynamic database and make sure you always reach your customer at the best time to buy.

Ri-gnr8 gives dealers, manufactures and financiers the ability to target correct prospects more easily 

Smart Sales Campaigns allow you to define the selection criteria of particular group customers

Ri-gnr8 will constantly identify high quality prospects that only meet your selection criteria

Ri-gnr8 uses sophisticated tools to make sure every customer sales interaction is able to provide instant offers that are fully-tailored to the individual customer.

The system comes with a number of `Deal Marker` tools that are able to automatically work out finance and insurance deal packages under user’s instruction.


Every deal package is worked out based on customer’s previous purchase data and his current preference to make sure a must fit

A “Lead-you-through” style work-flow guarantees the best result even from an `average business manager.

This unique concept overcomes the flaws ins many prospecting and CRM solutions, by allowing prospective buyer be worked in more than one prospect list.

This concept makes sure `best sales practice is in place, as the system introduces several working “buckets” as global containers of prospects.

Each working bucket represents an important step along the sales process of best practice.

In each working bucket, system will automatically create tasks to guide the user to close the deal in a professional way.

The Ri-gnr8 system makes sure every piece of information is well organised and properly linked so that the information you’re looking for will always be in few clicks away. 

This improves the ability of the user to use the technology, with more intuitive work-flows and functions.

The system will automatically link every record to potentially many different types of records depends on the context that was created in the prospect engagement.

The system will show all relevant information in one viewport and the user will be able to navigate to all linked records just by a click