Dealer Reporting and Performance Group

Reduce the complexity and overall costs by implementing our operational based reporting module.

This can be configured to meet the exact needs of the client for input data, KPI output and benchmarking to provide financial and operation performance from a single dealer view aggregated up to regional and national performance views of the total network.

The module allows for live comparisons and analytics on the fly with multiple filters to suit your exact needs.


In Action

An OEM wanted to reduce costs and the workload on the dealers while still having effective data to monitor, assist and drive the overall performance of their dealer network.

The Ri-focus dealer reporting module achieved this for them and continues to deliver the results required and allows the savings to be utilized to greater assist the dealers with programs to lift the skills of the dealership staff in areas such as business and financial management of the dealership.

The OEM can now conduct dealer meetings, even performance group meetings directly from the solution with live and interactive data.