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The Future of Dealer Performance Analysis!

Introducing Op2ma’s enhanced Dealer Business Management (DBM) solution, revolutionizing the way you perceive and utilize financial reporting data. Say goodbye to mundane reports and hello to dynamic, engaging analytics that empower your dealership like never before


With Op2ma's DBM, you'll experience a seamless transformation of raw data into actionable insights, all within a live and dynamic platform.

Dealers have a lot of data. But mining meaningful insights to drive performance from the data takes a lot of time and effort. Since 2008, Op2ma has been working with global OEM and dealers to develop practical strategies that help dealers improve financial reporting, reduce the admin time it takes to produce good financial reports, and identify under-performing metrics easily. 

An agile cloud-based solution that helps dealers and dealer groups analyse their financial and operational performance data faster so they can spend more time on actually making performance improvements.

Reduce admin

Reduce Admin 

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs

Improve insights

Improve Insight

Faster decisions

Increase speed

If you run or manage a multi-brand, multi-location dealership group and need to improve Financial Reporting, then Op2ma’s DBM is for you.

Dive into a world of actionable insights and dynamic reporting with our comprehensive suite of features

Interactive Dashboards

Immerse yourself in interactive dashboards tailored to your dealership’s needs. Explore operation performance analysis, dissect lost revenue factors, track key performance indicators (KPIs) with customizable widgets, and visualize performance matrices for deeper insights. Performance line of sight up for leadership with personalised dashboards and KPI’s that deliver a new level of data analysis and perfrromance comparison options and allows you take advantage of the data within your group to drive performance. 

Live KPI

Live KPI Comparisons

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time KPI comparisons across brands, locations, and total business performance. Track period and monthly trends, visualize insights with radar charts and balanced scorecards, and conduct multiple KPI comparisons for a comprehensive understanding of your dealership‘s performance landscape. 

Live Suite of Reports

Access a live stream of reports that empower decision-making at every level. From consolidated, location, and brand profit and loss statements to side-by-side comparisons for locations and brands, delve into dynamic board and management reports with ease. Utilize multiple filters, data selections, and KPI editing functions effortlessly, and seamlessly extract reports to PDF with automated pagination and branded logos.

Live Reports suit


Take control of your dealership’s targets and benchmarks with our intuitive administration tools. Utilize our trial balance mapping engine to seamlessly integrate data from multiple DMS, locations, and brands. Create custom KPIs tailored to your dealership‘s unique objectives, and manage dealership and user profiles effortlessly.

Why do dealers need a new approach?

Here are just a few of the benefits awaiting your dealership: 

  • Engaging Performance Reports
  • Complete Reporting in Hours, Not Days
  • Collaborate on Performance in Minutes
  • No More DMS Reporting Constraints
  • Align Organizational Focus
  • Use Analytics to Share Data and Grow Knowledge
Op2ma has been delivering Financial Reporting solutions to global OEMs and Dealers since 2009. Our solutions are now in more than 20 countries. We operate with high levels of data security and privacy controls.
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