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The CX space is moving very quickly and organisations need to be equipped to deal with changing customer needs.

Whether it is understanding what your customers are thinking, how well your dealer’s processes are meeting customer needs, or the effectiveness of your lead management processes, Op2ma CX+ has a solution.

Our dedicated team of automotive CX experts understand the dealership environment and can tailor solutions to precisely meet the needs of our specialist automotive clients. The suite of products we offer covers the full spectrum of automotive customer experience needs. We can design a program that fits your needs, and we can roll it out quickly.

One Supplier to Execute Multiple CX-type Strategies


Lead Intervention

Lead intervention is the insertion of ourselves directly into the sales process to assist OEMs and Dealers in conversion by ensuring each key customer touchpoint is optimised. The solutions provided by CX+ Lead Intervention include Sales Recovery Program and Concierge program and Renewal Management, all are rapid solutions to the problem of lead maximisation.


Concierge Program

Treat your prospects like VIPs with this powerful inbound lead management program.

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sales recovery program

Find out which of your dead leads are still alive, plus gain valuable insights into your sales processes.

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Renewal Management

Allows us to intervene in your sales process to create leads that your sales processes have been unable to generate.

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Customer Experience

The importance of customer experience has never been greater. With product differentiation diminishing, OEMs increasingly must shift their focus to quality customer experience as a way to once again stand out. With the rapid expansion of so many more customer touchpoints, delivering consistent, high quality customer experience can now only be done by taking a more holistic view beyond the focus of individual touchpoints and more on the customer journey as a whole. Op2ma’s leading edge CSI Program and Mystery Shopping services are able to provide the necessary deep insights into your dealer’s sales processes. Insights that are vital to remain competitive in today’s market.



An outstanding CSI solution for Sales and Aftersales. A flexible system that can be tailored to clients needs, with reporting that provides full analytics.

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sales processes

Mystery Shopping

How good are your sales processes? Find out with our comprehensive range of mystery shopping solutions. Phone, Email and In Person.

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Customer Research

Customer research plays a key role in knowing who your customers are, what they want in a product, where they look for a product and how you stand out against competitors. All this information is integral in ensuring OEMs can fast-track product development, align marketing messages, target new channels or anything else required to find a slight product or service advantage in an increasingly hostile market. CX+ is able to provide all of your research solutions with nimble, flexible programs that are tailored to your needs.


Product Shopping

Understand what your customers think about your current or future products. Our flexible and fast processes mean you can get the right answers quickly and on-time. Process can also be used for Service offerings as well

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Market Research

Need to know what your customers are thinking? Our bespoke range of market research programs can meet your needs.

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“Execute multiple
CX-type strategies,
leveraging cost,
quality and speed.

The benefits of working with Op2ma CX+ start with an organisation that is dedicated to the automotive industry. It is all that we do and we know it inside out.

We are nimble and can move quickly to roll out programs when you need it.

Our technology is cutting edge and flexible enough for programs to be tailored to the client’s needs.

We have proprietary survey techniques that enable our lead intervention programs to recover lost leads and to provide valuable insights into the buying process.

Our reporting is comprehensive with detailed analysis that helps you get to the answer quickly.

We are Australian based so you deal directly with the people who run your program.

Our contact centre staff are fully trained in automotive and many have worked in dealerships. The staff turnover is low so we have a stable team that does not need constant re-training. They are also F&I certified so can action finance projects.

With Op2ma you only need to deal with One supplier, so project management becomes simple.

Whilst we have a comprehensive suite of offerings, we are also able to create customised solutions tailored the client’s needs.

We have been in business for 20 years, and in that time have built an impressive list of OEM, Dealer and Financier clients, some of the biggest in the business, so we must be doing something right.

Plus, you will find we are easy to do business with.

Global Brands’ Choice

We provide CX+ services to a growing list of OEMs, Dealers and Financiers.

They deal with us because we are a single supplier solution, we know the automotive business, we are fast and nimble, our technology is leading edge and our reporting processes are outstanding. Plus, we are easy to deal with.

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