Automotive CSI Digital Solutions

We have supplied industry leading digital CSI solutions since 2008 and have built an
impressive list of global OEMs, dealers and financier clients. Our flexible, adaptable
and affordable solutions give you, the client, the power to grow customer retention by
providing the data, insight and tools to all the relevant stakeholders when they need it.

With Op2ma, it does not stop with the surveys and reports. Through our Performance
Consulting division, we have the ability to take the data and execute dealership coaching
programs to directly improve CX performance.

From Survey Execution To Customer Retention


Survey Design and Execution

Engaging the customer in the survey is a critical
part of the program. Our solution offers highly
engaging look and feel and easy to follow questions
and scoring icons.

Performance Insights & Analytics

Our CSI platform is more than just surveys and
data. It is able to easily provide key insights to drive
change where needed (manage by exception) by a
variety of mediums.

Coaching and Action Plans

Helping your field team engage with the dealers more effectively and drive change through our coaching and action planning module. This equips the team with a structured and intuitive coaching methodology, that will provide a knowledge bank of causes and solutions to each question, or area in the CX experience that is causing concern at the dealership or staff member level.

Case Study

Client Need

A major global OEM identified the need to implement a bespoke customer experience program (CSI) from a local supplier to meet their exact needs in the Australian market.

Our Solution

Op2ma consulted with the client and configured our CSI solution to their exact needs which included items such as:
- Live and dynamic Dashboards and reporting
- Combination of Email & SMS invites
- Red alerts, key text search, appeals,
   customer incentives


The solution delivered a new platform to suit the exact needs. Engagement of the dealers has increased significantly with a system that is both easy to use, navigate and provide all the customer feedback at their fingertips.

Our contact centre team are fully trained in automotive and many have worked in dealerships. The staff turnover is low so we have a stable team that does not need constant re-training. They are also F&I certified so can action finance projects.