Operationally Focused, High Impact

Supported by our technologies, Op2ma Performance Consulting is able to deliver outstanding programs and provide expert coaching across all areas of automotive dealership and OEM operations.

Our consulting services provide a range of options for Dealers and OEMs to improve dealer network performance driving increases in sales, profit and customer experience.

Increase Profit - Helping OEMs and financiers improve dealer profitability

Profit Improvement Groups takes the elements that have always worked in dealer performance groups and combines this with innovation to deliver you improved outcomes.

The program leverages our proprietary technology platform Ri-focus for tracking and analysing your financial and performance data, giving you access to dynamic analytical views that have not been seen before.

Op2ma has been running and delivering profit improvement groups for passenger cars, motorcycles, truck dealers and automotive OEMs since 2009. We have many active clients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China and South-East Asia.

The program includes:

  • Selective group sizes for like-minded dealers
  • Operationally-focused – no overload on accounting
  • It’s your group – your rules
  • Face-to-face meetings complemented with online progress meetings
  • Simple data requirements – easy to upload
  • Large facilitator panel & Subject Matter Experts with extensive track record
  • Our live dynamic platform allows for “on-the-run”
    discussion and analysis
    -    Flexible trend analysis
    -    Radar benchmarking charts
    -    Multiple KPI comparison tools
    -    Action plans and meeting recaps

Retail Performance Management (RPM) is a scientific approach to coaching dealers to higher performance. It utilises data, science and proven coaching methodologies to drive change in dealerships and achieve higher performance.

RPM model includes:

Increase Sales - Helping OEMs improve dealer sales performance

We operate two main solution sets to help identify the problems and to build strategies for developing your people to be their best - Sales Coaching and Employee Performance Training.

Since Covid-19, programs can be delivered via a number of flexible and remote options.

Financial Academy

Field force financial masterclass

Field force financial

Sales and service performance development

Sales and service
performance development

Field force training

Field force training

DP & GM training

DP & GM training

Increase Customer Retention – Improving retail CX and customer retention

Guaranteed Future Value Program - Are your GFV customers due in the coming months and you don’t have a strategy on how to approach them or how to assist them with their 3 options?

Our strategy clearly defines each role and creates the best possible experience to maximise your results. Our strategy engages the customer, initiates the appointment and drives the GFV process.

Guaranteed Future Value Program

Renewal Contract Management (RCM) delivers real and incremental sales leads to your dealership.

This program does the “heavy lifting” for you by strategically mining your F&I customer data using a multi-faceted approach in conjunction with our F&I accredited contact centre team. We create and deliver you high quality new & used sales opportunities. We also assist your team by training them on the best way to handle these appointments to again - maximise your results.

We do this while meeting ASIC Compliance in terms of the Privacy Act and Financial Services Reform Act.

Our Performance Consulting team are seasoned professionals with a combination of retail, wholesale and consulting experience throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. Op2ma is able to offer a number of highly qualified consultants for any program that an OEM or dealer may require.

Combining these skills with the support of our technology solutions, Op2ma is able to deliver outstanding programs and provide expert coaching across all areas of the automotive dealership and OEM operations.