Op2ma is the leading provider of digital solutions, consulting and customer engagement to the automotive industry. With solutions ranging from automating the entire finance and insurance daily process, comprehensive field force management solutions, to consulting and training solutions, we are transforming your workflows to be more efficient, productive and profitable.

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What Our Clients Say

Op2ma’s F&I platform helps me to identify what area and also which salesman may need training to help to boost the overall performance of the F&I department.

Since the start, Op2ma worked closely with our dealer network and the field team to increase the level of business acumen and skills in all areas of dealership operations and have made significant, measurable improvements in our network KPI’s and have added significant value through their unique technology solution – Ri-focus.

The decision to partner with Op2ma was based on their industry reputation, previous experience with both retail and manufacturer, and detailed approach to design, delivery and assessment which comes from their registered training and compliance background.

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