Op2ma Services

Op2ma Research

We have been designing and developing high quality surveys and other customer solutions from 1999. These surveys, together with customer intelligence and research solutions, have been our trademark products throughout and have been in the following areas:

  • Customer Satisfaction surveys
  • Mystery Shopping surveys
  • Lost Sales Recovery and Lost Sales Analysis
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty research
– Sales Process Audits

We have developed a suite of world-class surveys and customer intelligence solutions designed to help our clients find the insights they need to grow sales and profit. At Op2ma IQ, we work with our clients to:

  • understand their specific needs
  • tailor a cost-effective and efficient solution options
  • implement on-time and on-budget
  • provide consulting support on best-practice
  • build and deploy a solution that fits their business
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Revuu CSI Coaching

At Op2ma, our CSI Consulting can help OEMs and dealerships cut through the competition and improve CSI performance.

Revuu is a smart solution that helps dealership managers become better coaches to close the gap between actual and desired levels of performance.

By leveraging on smart algorithms, embedded coaching road maps and data-driven recommendations, Revuu will help OEMs and dealerships bring about accountable change to improve CSI performance dramatically.

The CSI Coaching Workflow: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough.

The process is built on a simple concept: Identify the 2 weakest KPIs for each customer touch point that give the biggest improvement to your overall CSI performance, then walk the manager through the tasks required to bring about accountable change.

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F&I Optimization

F&I Optimisation aims to increase F&I performance while making the most from your own customer database. It is based on a powerful combination of:

  • Leading-edge Technology
  • World-Class Consulting Capability
  • First-hand Knowledge of Australian Automotive Industry

Op2ma’s F&I Optimisation evaluates all competencies and identify any skills and processes that need changing to reduce lost income and increase profit. It provides a road-map to success by showing the dealership the best approach to improving profit.

What we do for you?

We analyse your current business eco-system – processes, skills, attitudes, etc – and work with you and your team to develop accountable actions that create change.

  • Establish the processes and skill set
  • Manage an action plan
  • Benchmark for accountability

We do this utilising Australia’s most experienced F&I Consulting team to work with you and your team. Another key component of the review is the use of Op2ma’s Accelerator software – our industry leading performance diagnostic software tool.

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Auto Training

Auto Training is a service powered by Op2ma Pty Ltd. It is designed to make automotive skills development more accessible for employees working in the automotive industry. This includes automotive dealerships such as cars, motor cycles, caravans, trucks, Ag and machinery, finance and insurance consultants, finance brokers, mechanical workshops, and parts retailers.

Visit www.autotraining.net.au

F&I Equity Mining

The Science of Mining Your Database


Every automotive dealer’s database is full of opportunities. We all know this. But taking advantage of all the opportunities is the hard part.

The generic approach is to use some kind of CRM system to send letters, emails and SMS to customers in the hope they will come back and buy – another vehicle, another service – something.

In most cases, generic CRM has failed to deliver real leads, real sales. Dealers need practical solutions that reduce the risk of failure and increase the chance of success.

Op2ma’s F&I Equity Mining Solutions deliver real and practical sales opportunities to your dealership. We are the only company in Australia to offer a dedicated F&I Lead Generation strategy, with people trained and accredited to communicate on finance and insurance products.

We do the hard work by contacting your customers to create the opportunities. These include:

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