Sell more vehicles

One of the key influence of better sales results is a consistent and robust sales process; the ability to have your entire sales team work from a single platform that manages contact information, communications, action plans and all the other components necessary to consistently help you sell more.

Op2ma’s V-Log is an automotive sales management system designed for automotive retail, and allows you to manage your sales process for sales employees to Group Dealer Principals and CEOs. Built on industry best practices and knowledge that we have gained over the last 15 years as a Registered Training Organisation, Sales Accelerator helps you implement a consistent sales process while measuring the effectiveness so you can adjust policies and practices to directly impact sales conversion and profitability.

For manufacturers who need the 20,000 feet view on retail statistics, such as the breakdown of inquiries by models and make, conversion rates of different dealerships and locations, and other macro indicators, Sales Accelerator can be set up to deliver consolidated reports, live, across the entire global dealership network; giving relevant information access to relevant users.