The Automotive Dealer Workflow
The Automotive Dealer Workflow
The Automotive Dealer Workflow
The Automotive Dealer Workflow
The Automotive Dealer Workflow
The Automotive Dealer Workflow
The Automotive Dealer Workflow

Pre-Sales Customer Engagement

This is one of the most crucial stage in the entire automotive retail process. Manufacturers and dealers invest huge amounts of money into brand building and generating enquiries. It is also the initial touch point for most customers.

Based on research conducted over the last 5 years, we have identified key reasons dealerships lose 80% of their prospective customers.

Op2ma’s Lost Sales Recovery Program helps you make improvements to your sales and service process by focusing on customers that enquired BUT did not buy.

We identify reasons and obstacles that prevented them from buying, forward those who are still in the market to your sales manager, and provide a comprehensive report with recommendations for improvements.

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New and Used Vehicle Sales

This is the moment of truth where customers are qualified and ready to buy.

Our experience over the years reveals that most dealerships do not have a defined system of capturing customer’s details and following up on often genuine enquiries. Many depend on paper-based logs to keep track of showroom traffic, and few have a standard process for engaging with customers during the sales process.

V-log is an easy to use online walk-in log that records your customers’ or prospective customers’ details, salespersons’ contact notes and the follow-up tasks. It is designed to capture and keep all your customers’ information and related tasks to a single location that is accessible by your team from anywhere in the world, whether through a desktop, a tablet or a smart phone.

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Finance and Insurance Sales Process

Finance Accelerator is a sales management program designed for selling more F&I. Incorporating Op2ma’s Multi-dimensional Menu selling system, it is built on best practices to help business managers manage the legal requirements of selling F&I in a retail environment. Some of our clients experienced an increase in Income Per Retail Unit from $380 to $1560 within 6 months.

Developed by experts from the automotive industry, Finance Accelerator is a web-based solution that operates in real-time. It delivers outstanding results for all types of operations.

  • For automotive dealers, it suits large or small, single franchise dealerships to multi-franchise conglomerates.
  • For finance brokers, it helps you to move fast and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Financiers and Insurers, our enterprise edition helps you gain an edge in today’s ultra-competitive environment.

Finance Accelerator is built for people who want to maximise F&I results!

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Aftermarket and Service Process

Growing sales and profit in aftermarket is one of the keys to a successful dealership. It has become one of the critical profit centres in today’s marketplace.

In most dealerships, managing the aftermarket result is demanding and complex due to high staff turnover rates and the relentless pressure to maintain strong margins – it doesn’t leave much room for mediocrity.

It’s also compounded by the need to maintain complex spread sheets over multiple locations and users each month – the errors can multiply.

Op2ma have developed a world-class aftermarket performance management tool called Pro-Log. It’s been designed by the ground up from the same team that created Finance Accelerator – Australia’s #1 F&I sales & management solution.

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Equity Mining and Lead Generation

Finance and Insurance is what truly separates good dealers from ELITE dealers.

Intense competition has reduced the margins of most vehicles significantly so that the only real profit opportunities for automotive retail comes from F&I and Service.

Op2ma’s Ri-Gnr8 is a proven F&I Sales Management solution that helps dealers increase profitability exponentially while creating customer retention and loyalty. Incorporating the multi-dimensional menu, DMS and Credit integration, Sales Process Management, Compliance Management & Reporting, and Equity Mining, Ri-Gnr8 goes beyond the F&I office to deliver a holistic solution that grows your bottom line.

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Field Force Management Solution

Ri-Focus™ is the ONLY global field force management solution designed for Automotive OEMs that allows users to plan, implement and track operational strategies in the field from a single location.

Ri-Focus™ tracks dealer visits, including all files, notes, performance reviews, and creates action plans for accountability and easy follow up. Our strategy is to supply a core platform and customize the final solution to fit your business needs.

By working with you, we help you deliver best-practice field-force management to your network.

Customizable & Scalable
We understand that different clients will have different needs, so Ri-Focus™ is designed to be adaptable and scalable. It adapts as your business grows, giving you the ability to structure the solution to work with new business processes when you need to.
No software to download, no weird hardware requirements – just log-in and go! Cloud-based solutions focus on delivering business results instead of acquiring software that needs maintenance and updates.
Automotive Industry
Unlike other generic providers, Ri-Focus™ is designed by expert in the automotive industry, for the automotive industry. With our experience and knowledge, we understand your business and how to work with you to make it better.
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