Growing Customer Satisfaction for Motor Companies and their Dealers

Every motor company has a strategy for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. The problem is gaining traction and making real progress where it matters – on the frontline at the dealership where the customer actually experiences the brand. The challenge for motor companies and dealers is how to manage sustainable growth in customer satisfaction delivery by all frontline staff and across all touch points.

Op2ma has developed Revuu CSI Coaching, a solution to help motor companies and dealerships focus on the key drivers to improve CSI performance. Revuu CSI Coaching is a smart solution that helps Sales and Service Managers become better coaches to close the gap between actual and desired levels of performance.

Smart Algorithms

By leveraging smart algorithms, embedded coaching road maps and data-driven recommendations, Revuu CSI Coaching will help motor companies and dealerships bring about accountable change to improve CSI performance dramatically.

The CSI Coaching Work flow: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough.

Identify the 2 weakest KPIs for each customer touch point that give the biggest improvement to your overall CSI performance, then walk the manager through the tasks required to bring about accountable change.


The process is built on a simple concept: For each Sales Consultant or Service Advisor, identify the 2 weakest KPIs that give the biggest improvement to your overall CSI performance. It then walks the Manager through the tasks required to bring about quick and accountable change.


This is where the Manager allocates tasks that relate to fixing the target KPIs.


After implementing the tasks, Revuu CSI Coaching continues to track the performance of each person measured by the CSI survey.


History of what Tasks have been completed and the resulting impact on CSI.


Aerial view (for the management team) of tasks allocated, completion rates and CSI Score trends – supported by auto email reports and alerts.

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